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About AU Entrepreneurs

Aarhus University would like to help more students to build up relevant business experience and entrepreneurial skills and establish more start-ups during their studies. Aarhus University would also like to help established entrepreneurs by enabling them to pursue university studies in parallel. 

It is a great challenge to study to a high level while also launching and managing one’s own business. In this situation, AU Entrepreneurs is an opportunity for those students at Aarhus University who are entrepreneurs alongside their studies. 

The new scheme for entrepreneurs is inspired by Aarhus University’s successful ‘dual career concept’, which has allowed elite athletes greater flexibility in their studies for many years now. Aarhus University has had such good experience with this that the concept from 2017 is being expanded with a special track for entrepreneurs. 

AU Entrepreneurs will work overall to ensure that more entrepreneurs can pursue a degree programme alongside their entrepreneurship. This will allow more students both to develop their own entrepreneurial skills and to compete their studies. The initiative is thus intended both to cater for the risk that entrepreneurial projects could fail or not develop entirely as planned, and to support dual career development to enable students to make better use of the acquired and research-based knowledge from their studies to develop businesses that require great expertise. 

AU Entrepreneurs is open to all entrepreneurs at Aarhus University, and works with all entrepreneurial communities at AU to create synergies with the entrepreneurial support that entrepreneurial communities offer. This means that, overall, Aarhus University can offer targeted entrepreneurial assistance, targeted study advice and targeted study support for different types of entrepreneurs at AU. 

AU Entrepreneurs is organisationally part of The Kitchen, Enterprise and Innovation.